Communication & Soft Skill Development

Our institutes focus is to make our students employable. To make this happen we have implemented various value added courses to teach life skills as well as communication and soft skills. Through this our faculties and training and placement officer teach the techniques about preparing the job application, resume preparation and interview process.The students get text book knowledge in their classroom, through books or other training materials in College program, or on the job. They get good Percentage of marks. But to make ready for employment they need something more.

                    Our college always strives to provide that something more to our students. The communication and Soft skills are subjective skills where the students have to practice in life. When they enter the society as graduates they should know how they relate to and interact with other people. The college has collaborated with BOSCH company which has stared a BRIDGE course under CSR scheme to provide soft skill training to our students.

The focus of the course is to develop a wide variety of soft skills starting from communication, to working in different environments, developing emotional sensitivity, learning creative and critical decision making, developing awareness of how to work with and negotiate with people and to resolve stress and conflict in ourselves and others.

The skills acquired through classroom teaching together with soft skills only ensure all-round development of the students and thereby equipping them to face life after college. The soft skills training provided to the students assist them in identifying and achieving their own personal potential.


  1. To bring students at par with professional ethics.
  2. To compete the global world by providing a platform to develop self.
  3. To improve communication skills
  4. To develop their personality.
  5. To inculcate social values.
  6. To make students presentable and employable.

Course Coordinator :

Prof. R. S. Potukuchi

Course Instructor
1. Prof. Dr. SanoberKahekashan
2. Prof. SachinPandit