English Communication

The objective of the programme is to bring students at par with professional ethos to compete in the global world by providing a platform to develop self confidence  thereby

Withstanding in today’s scenario by facing global challenge and needs of the employment arena.

  1. Varied competency training
  2. A Special Programme for personality development
  3. English Commutative fluency modules
  4. Programme for Soft Skill Development.

1Prof. P. R. S RaoTeam Head
2Prof. Sanober kahekeshanMember
3Prof. Subhas MundheMember
4Prof. Sachin PanditMember
5Prof. Sachin Rathod Member
Remedial Coaching

An environment for learning with extra focus on the slow learners with support in terms of remedial classes through the right kind of approach and stimulation. The major role of team is to
1 Check drop out rate.
2 Inclusion of student to continue education.
3 Provide books from book bank of the library.
4 Simplify teaching with their learning pace.

1Prof.Sanober kahekeshanTeam Head
2Prof.Sachin Rathod Member
3Prof.Subhas MundheMember
4Prof.Pritesh Patil Member