Founder Desk

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Takshashila Mahavidalaya , Amravati is established in year 1984. TMV stands committed to provide value based quality and education of global standards to the student’s commensuration to the changing arena, the need of the hour is to provide an education system which amalgamates the aspirations of the present generation without distorting our value system. TMV aims to provide a ‘holistic’ education for an integrated personality by striking equilibrium between the modern outlook and traditional values. It shall be our endeavor to promote education ambience conducive to the growth of students so that he metamorphoses from a mere physical form to an intellectual individual, initiating him to prepare for higher goals in life. We make learning an enjoyable experience through an integrated approach with the right blend of academic, co-curricular & sports activities.

The aim is to help students develop physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological and spiritual facets of their personality on the right lines. In this endeavor, the professional support is being provided by a team of highly dedicated and motivated staff & faculty members. The ultramodern infrastructure with the best facilities, well equipped computer laboratories, library with more then adequate books and journals and beautiful serene ambience provide the right environment for a multifaceted growth cultural awareness. We treat our student’s parents as indispensable partners in the process of education & attitude development and we work in constant collaboration with them.

I am confident that with the sincere efforts of our advisory board, are dedicated faculty and by co-operation of parents, Takshashila Mahavidyalaya will continue to furnish the mission of excellence in education and quality of life.

Hon. Dr. Sau Kamaltai Gawai
Founder President .SGDCT,Amravati