To encourage its faculty, students and the stakeholders to work together.


Uplift students from the backward sections of the society especially those from Scheduled castes and the Scheduled tribes.


Offer the downtrodden and the depressed in our society better chances of proving their worth in the society.

To create a society which is free of discrimination, on the basis of caste, religion, gender.












To offer excellent and invaluable service in the field of education to the poor and the backward class students of the society.

To accomplish community and social development, through the gamut of facilities offered by the institution.


To inculcate discipline and thereby ensure that it is followed, in terms of regularity, sincerity and punctuality, in any work which our students may undertake in the future. To instill essential qualities like politeness and cleanliness so as to bring about work ethics and hygiene among the students.

To teach them all the good qualities so as to make them responsible and respectable citizens of the country and the world.


To aim at the overall personality development of the students through extra and co-curricular activities, in tandem with various social and cultural organizations.


To provide a platform to the students by giving them an opportunity to face all the challenges of a competitive world, with the utmost utilization of their potential in sports, athletics and other events.