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Takshashila Mahavidyalaya, Amravati was established in June 1984.The mission undertaken by the parent trust Shri Dadasaheb Gawai Charitable Trust, Amravati was to strive for the realization of the goals laid down by Dr. B.R.Ambedkar, the great visionary and the father of Indian Constitution. The institution owes its existence to the vision and the foresight of  Hon’ble Late Shri R.S. alias Dadasaheb Gawai, former Governor of Kerala State who inspires us all to seek perfection in our entire endeavour. All the institutions which were started by the Trust seeks to fulfil the goal of providing higher education to students belonging to the socially and the economically backward classes of the society.

The main objective of our institution is to uplift and encourage the poor, downtrodden and the needy students. The blessings bestowed by Late Shri Dadasaheb Gawai and the devotion, determination and the perseverance shown in completing the goals by the Founder President of the Trust and the Former First Lady of Kerala State, Dr. Kamaltai R,. Gawai, have culminated in the establishment of this College.

Late shri Dadashaeb alias R.S. Gawai ( Ex-Governor Kerala and Bihar )


Late shri Dadashaeb alias R.S. Gawai ( Ex-Governor Kerala and Bihar )Was visionary leader an extraordinary philanthist and an eminent leader of the marginalized sector of the society. His  dream was to provide a gateway through education to the underprivileged youth ,ensuring their growth with equity to compete in the changing scenario of social and educational sector his passion for education was infectious he himself encompassed all odds to be veteran persona. S.D.G.C.T is the out come  of his dream of social transformation through education.

At present the trust runs about 42 institutions under its canopy we have Engineering ,polytechnic ,ITI college ,education art –commerce science college Ashram schools High Schools , Primary schools and English medium schools .we also have a link to the sanjiveni Health center and vippassane center (Meditation center ) at lumbini Mogra .we aim at new representive and area for teaching research ,extension services and sports .

Karan Arjun – PRESIDENT

India is a paradox vis– a –vis talent –pool ,man – power , employability ,development and leadership paradigms at this junction ,we at S.D.G.C.T aim at inner motivation for tapping human recourses for varied competencies .so that our student scale up to higher standard and goal. Our focus is on identifying students innate  capabilities and interest and help them fine tune their antahprerana. After all I want my grandpa’s [ his excellency late shri Dadasaheb Gawai alias R.S. Gawai]dream to be accomplished trust symbolically represent the legacy and the aspiration cherished by us Taisheb (Aacharya Kamaltai) founder President.